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Heey, My name is Shae. I'm 21 years mature. Born Feb. 22nd which makes me a Pisces. I'm a high school Graduate and proud of it. Happily ina relationship, Got the best girlfriend in the world . est4.5.13. She'a my everything and i love her to death ! I love to help anybody that needs advice or just needs help in general. I'm human and my feelings are fully functioning so don't hurt them. I'm very outspoken and kind. But don't take my kindness for weakness. I have my own unique personality and I'm probably one of the few females that doesn't refer to themselves as an inanimate object like a Barbie. My blog is full of random things. From expressing the way i feel to posting pictures of sexy men. I love making new friends so don't hesitate to start a convo in my ask. Have Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ask me. I follow almost everybody that follows me. Well thanks for coming to my blog and i hope you enjoy.
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